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Virtue all over the world,moisten all the things.DERISER ,lights up the world with technology.



 DERISER  Group  is a manufacturing enterprise comprised by DERISER (Hong Kong) holding company,  DERISER Optoelectronics ,and DERISER Technology ,which integrates research and development , manufacturing ,engineering,sales and after-sales services.Main business sectors: LED lighting, LED lighting, smart city, LED display and related products and LCD splicing screen.



DERISER LED Industrial Park is located in Longhua District, Shenzhen city. The company is mainly focused on the LED tube and LED electronic display screen, and is committed to providing professional engineers and distributors at home and abroad with high-quality and high-performance LED display screen wholesale as well as the solution of single, double color and full-color display screen. Our monthly output can reach 30000 square meters ,and our products cover indoor and outdoor areas, and are widely used in various public places, such as hotels, bars, wedding venues, commercial streets, government agencies, transportation facilities, financial venues and so on.



DERISER technology production base is located in Guangming New District, with the national strategic emerging industry policy guidance,  exploring actively and practicing the industrial transformation and upgrading, through the group team, independent development, independent innovation mode of the construction downloaded, making DERISER layout in the future,and  making  DERISER LCD  become one of the greatest  model  of wisdom shenzhen, creating DERISER a glorious future.



DERISER Gruop has the industry‘s leading full automatic assembly line and highly automated manufacturing equipment, as well as perfect and advanced testing equipment.And has the technology research and development center and the matching laboratory, the monthly output can reach 30,000 square meters.DERISER comprehensive dynamic scanning technology, gray level control technology, nonlinear correction technology, Gamma correction technology, brightness control technology and other advanced technology, stable images, no miscellaneous points, the image effect is clear, animation effect is vivid and varied, become the fresh air of the moment, in the small spacing DERISER also hold the pulse of the development, every new product launch, are standing industry forefront.



Product quality is the life of enterprise, from raw materials procurement to production, installation, testing, every step strict requirements,DERISER is in line with "to provide clients with high quality products and service" as the objective, both in quality and service has been pushed together, relying on the reliability of the products, comprehensive services and preferential prices, the products is sold well in various cities in China, and with the United States, Germany, Britain, Russia, Poland, France, Thailand, South Korea, Italy, Korea, Dubai, and many other countries of the company has established good relations of cooperation.



DERISER always adheres to the development concept of "taking high-tech scientific research as the core and serving the market as the guide", and makes unremitting efforts to promote the process of new product research and development and innovation, and is committed to developing and producing high-performance, high-quality, cost-effective and competitive products for customers.


面對未來,公司緊緊圍繞 “建成國內一流,國際知名,具有國際競爭力的LED和LCD研發制造企業”,不斷追求成長與突破,力爭為國家經濟建設發展做出更大貢獻!

Facing the future, the company focuses on "building a domestic first-class, internationally renowned and internationally competitive LED and LCD R &D manufacturing enterprise", constantly pursuing growth and breakthrough, and striving to make greater contributions to national economic construction and development!



DERISER, the world is wonderful because of you!Dream ,faith,unity.Screen leads the world, let us do win-win cooperation!


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